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Many of our favorite hip-pop celebrities have gone on record and showed their support for Trayvon Martin. VIDEO: #JUSTICEFORTRAYVON: Wyclef Jean Releases “Justice” & Co-Stars In “I AM” Tribute Most have done it by wearing a hoodie, but Wyclef Jean has been one of the more proactive celebrities. He released his tribute song, “Justice (If You’re […]

Wyclef Jean joins the list of celebrities who have supported the movement for slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin.  DETAILS: Wyclef Jean: “I Am A Fan Of Sarah Palin Because…” Inspired by Trayvon Martin’s untimely death, Wyclef decided to record a song just for Trayvon entitled “Justice (If You’re 17).” “If you’re 17 with a hoodie […]

What’s in the air over in Barbados? Whatever it is, it has the super popular Rihanna going crazy! The blogs have not stopped talking about her since Kadooment Day, when she celebrated in a costume that left little to the imagination. Having fun and celebrating her country seemed to be the only care that Rihanna […]

How could anyone ask that question? At Rep. Paul Broun’s town hall meeting on Tuesday, the Athens congressman asked who had driven the farthest to be there and let the winner ask the first question. To everyone’s surprise the question was, ‘When is someone going to shoot Obama?’ GASP! After hearing the question from the audience […]


Jessie J is the newest Brit-It girl and her take-no-prisoners attitude and sass on tracks like ‘Do It Like A Dude’ and ‘Price Tag’ have earned her widespread accolades and attention. The BRIT Critic’s Choice winner is gearing up to take over the U.S. and in anticipation of the April 12th release date of her […]

With Halloween just around the corner it’s imperative that you dress up as someone who will scare the crap of out everyone. Luckily we got the perfect people who you should be afraid of, a list of people that scare the Bejesus out of us.  So how do you qualify to be a scary person? […]


And the party doesn’t stop for Ke$ha as she releases her new single ‘We R Who We R.’     Ke$ha cranks out party hits one after another with her newest single. ‘We R Who We R,’ can be slated as the next big party anthem, as she calls for the DJ to ‘turn it […]

Miley Cyrus has come under fire for her new video ‘Who Owns My Heart.’ Many parents are none too happy that 17-year-old Cyrus dons skimpy clothes and parties all night in the video.  President of the Parents Television Council Tim Winter said, ‘It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like […]

With a jam-packed schedule and crazy work schedule it’s totally understandable that celebrities just don’t have time for college. We get it. But here are celebs who went above and beyond and cracked opened that text book and nabbed a degree.  Case in point? Harry Potter starlet, Emma Watson has taken a break from acting while she attends Brown University […]


It’s always weird when people are so adamantly against something then they go ahead and gets caught doing the thing they were so against. Sort of like a poetic justice, for example, many Republicans are so anti-gay and so against the progression of gay rights it’s sort of comical when they get caught doing out […]

Taylor Momsen is known as the infamous Jenny Humphrey on the CW Network’s hit series Gossip Girl but not too many know about her outside of her role on the show. Allow Global Grind to give you some insight and a chance to learn more about this 16-year-old star on the rise! Taylor first started […]

Drake is one of the hottest rappers out now and can seemingly do anything, rap, act and sing, but the Toronto M.C. says that it’s one thing that he wants more than anything and that is to be Barack Obama. Hold on Drizzy, that’s a feat only so many can handle, that’s like Lebron James […]