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The Fugees, a legendary trio composed of Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel and Ms. Lauryn Hill, crafted music that sounded like real hip-hop mixed with the perfect spice of reggae.

In the ’90s, everyone knew who The Fugees were. They’ve won many awards, including a few Grammys, not to mention boasted countless hit singles like “Ready or Not” and “Killing Me Softly.”

As the only female in the group, Lauryn Hill held her position down, rapping on the same level as her counterparts Wyclef and Pras. The trio rapped about issues of their time and had the catchiest rhymes to match.

With an unexpected G-Unit reunion and album on the way, we couldn’t help but think of other exciting reunions that could or should happen. Both The Fugees and G-Unit were well-respected at their peak, and made serious hits to remember for a lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if they could both reunite?

Here are the best reasons we need the Fugees to come back and bless our ears, one more time.

1. They were so different because they had a girl who rapped like she was one of the boys and sang like an angel.

2. Because a mix of hip-hop and reggae would have you like…

3. We all know that lyrical rap hits deep… That’s pretty much what The Fugees gave us.

4. We need to hear Wyclef count for us one more time.

5. Because “Fu-Gee-La” was so catchy, Trey Songz had to remix it.

6. They addressed issues of their time in a way that couldn’t keep your head still.

7. They made a song like this:

8. The way Lauryn Hill slowly creeped in when it was her time to spit….

9. They were the coolest and most laid back of their time, why not do it so effortlessly again?

10. Lauryn Hill had the funkiest style.

11. They never tried to match.

12. Because once Ms. Lauryn Hill is back in the game, the whole music world will be a better place.

13. Because look at these faces. And that hat.


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