If You Don’t Know! Morning News & Politics: Is Pope Francis A Closeted Liberal Who Supports Gay Unions? AND MORE!

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    Times sure are changing! Old colleagues of Pope Francis reveal that in 2010, when Argentina was on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio advocated to support gay civil unions. However, he did not support full-on gay marriage. But hey, it’s a big step and it gives us some insight into what he will bring into his papacy. Maybe his views have evolved? [DailyBeast]

    The ultimate speech-bomb? A man bolted onstage and interrupted Kansas City Mayor Sly James as he delivered his State of the City address. The man grabbed the microphone and angrily spoke to the crowd and Sly before security officers tackled him. Standing calmly at the podium throughout the scuffle, James returned to his remarks and said, “Well, that was unfortunate.” [CNN]

    So sad. An elderly man shot his 83-year-old wife dead as she lay in her hospice bed, and then turned the gun on himself. The suspected murder-suicide unfolded after the man entered the private bedroom at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania and residents and staff heard gunfire erupt at 1.03 p.m. [DailyMail]

    Legal prostitution? It’s possible in Paris, France if a proposal to repeal a 10-year-old solicitation law passes the French Senate later this month. Yep, that means the oldest profession in mankind will be recognized as a real occupation. Wow. [HuffPost]

    Tell ‘em how you really feel! People are agitated over a Philadelphia Magazine article by Robert Huber entitled, “Being White in Philly: Whites, race, class, and the things that never get said.” The article centers on anonymous interviews with white people describing their “honest” views about race. Of course, there were some outright racist comments (black people use skin color as an excuse), but there were also more thought-provoking comments (Unfounded fear. Groupthink – on why people are apprehensive to be around black people). Check out the rest here. [ThinkProgress]

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