#MYLAUGH! A Collection Of Jay-Z’s Best Laughing Moments (VIDEOS)

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    Jay-Z undoubtedly has one of the most infectious laughs in the rap game, and he knows it. 

    While on his “#newrules” steeze yesterday, Jay-Z decided to try tweeting for an entire day, well actually, he tweeted for about eight hours. 

    During his tweets, he responded to some of his fans with hashtags like #mylaugh, obviously to indicate when he’s laughing, and #factsonly, when he’s strictly stating facts. 

    We enjoyed Jay-Z’s impromptu tweeting spree, but we enjoy hearing Hov laugh more. So in honor of Jay-Z and his #mylaugh hashtag, we decided to round up videos and gifs of Jay-Z laughing. 

    Check out Hov’s infectious giggle below: 

    “Bet that stops all the grinnin and the laughs/ When you play the game of life and the win ain’t in the bag.” 

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” Cue up Jay-Z’s laugh. 

    Pardon Jay, he had to laugh at that…

    “Laughing, my sh*t is tight/ Who you asking right.”

    “Pardon my laughing, y’all only flagging on beats, n*gga.” 

    “Pardon my laughing, I happen to think you sweet.”

    “NFL investigations/ Oh, don’t make me laugh/ FBI investigation/ We stood up to that/ Facts only.”

    “Hehehe.. I had to laugh for a second/ Had to check myself, get my mackin back in perspective.”

    “We got bitches in the back of the truck, laughing it up/ Jigga Man: that’s what’s up.” 

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