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I’ve been following the whole Drake ordeal all night long via twitter, from fans sending me tweets and updates from the show. Now Drake has giving the 411 via his twitter page. Well Drake didn’t want to let his fans down and he didn’t get his doctors approval to perform that night. If a lot of you remember the BET awards when he did Every Girl from the comfort of his seat on stage. Well he knee has never healed. He has been working effortlessly to rehab his knee and to keep up w/ Wayne’s pace. 

Drake told MTV:

I didn’t really get any approval from my doctor, but I made a personal decision 48 hours ago that I’d be letting a lot of people down if I didn’t show up and at least show them I’m there for them…”
“I’m not doing my own set. That’s one thing I have to apologize to my fans about. It’s too much of a risk, if I hit that wrong turn [doing] 30 minutes every night. If I tear my ACL again, the doctors say I might not be able to walk again. I have to be cautious.”


He has been undergoing grueling Rehab for his knee since June 5th. Let’s all wish Drake a speedy recovery. We don’t want him to be Wheel Chair Jimmy for real. ‘Just on the TV show’ 

Drakes Knee has even created it’s own twitter page and has been tweeting freestyle rhymes all night long saying: 

‘woke in a daze bright lights feelin weaker / feelin like wayne put oil on my sneakers’

‘breakfast on the tourbus / buzz still enourmous / i’ll perform in a recliner / young moola / can’t ignore us’



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