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And the Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne beef continues!

Jay-Z fires off a quick warning shot to Lil Wayne on J.Cole’s new track “Mr. Nice Watch.” 

After Lil Wayne dropped his Jay-Z diss record “I’m Good,” people have been waiting for Jay-Z to respond. 

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Many critics and even Lil Wayne didn’t think Jay would even acknowledge the diss, but after telling someone that you’d kidnap their “bitch,”we guess they’d have to respond. 

In a recent interview with VIBE, J.Cole revealed that Jay-Z wasn’t originally going to be on the song, but after the MTV VMAs, Jay hopped on the track. 

“I knew Jay was gonna be on that song. I knew he was going to do that. I knew as soon as we made it like, ‘Watch Jay get on this. He was in L.A. and I got there that day around the VMAs or whatever. He actually pushed back the mastering, we went to mastering with no Jay-Z verse. I was like ‘oh okay cool, I guess he can’t do it.'”

Jay came through on “Mr. Nice Watch,” calm and cool as ever. He didn’t necessarily diss Lil Wayne, but he let him know “It’s only a matter of time before I hit ya’ll niggas with a nice shot.” 

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Jay-Z raps:

“Y’all niggas need a timeout, who got these niggas all wind up/Cocksucka I’m 7.30, y’all know where you’ll niggas gon wind up/No more Mr Nice Guy, hello Mr Nice Watch/Only but a matter of time ‘fore I hit ya’ll niggas with a nice shot/Y’all niggas, better not call the law/Get no blood on my Audemar/Meaning ya’ll better not waste my time/When y’all ready I’ll take you all to war.”

Ever since dissing 50 Cent, Jay-Z has always vowed to never address another rapper by name, because it gives them too much shine. 

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With this discreet subliminal warning shot, we’re guessing the fans will have to wait to see how hard Jay goes in on Lil Wayne when he drops his album later on this fall. 

Will Jay go for the jugular when he disses Lil Wayne on his album, or is he bluffing? 

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