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Timbaland and Pitbull love when the models shake their booties in “Pass At Me.”

This uptempo track will definitely make you want to dance and the new “Pass At Me” video doesn’t spare the fancy footwork. 

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Timbaland teamed up with Cuba’s own Pitbull and French DJ David Guetta to create this fun-loving track. 

Timbaland and Pitbull hit an island full of gorgeous models and native beauties for a good time. 

In this spicy video, Pitbull dances on a yacht as he heads to meet up with Timbaland. When he arrives, Timbaland is surrounded by beautiful women native to the island. 

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David Guetta eventually meets up with the guys for a rocking party.

This fun bottle-popping video captures everything beautiful about tropical locations. 

From the gorgeous islanders to the breathtaking vistas, “Pass At Me” captures it all. 

Take a look at “Pass At Me” below, but be careful, it make be a little NSFW!

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