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For some time now, I’ve been observing a rise in the Illuminati conspiracy movement all over the web.

The latest, and most shocking and preposterous report, is that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was named after Satan’s daughter. C’mon, really?

We even saw the disgraceful message “Beyonce Had Her Baby… Satan Is On Earth” posted in front of Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, NC.

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This must stop!

Let’s take a moment and recognize what the Illuminati conspiracy theorists are doing to our community by associating this satanic cult with successful, famed and rich Black people.

In a twisted rationale, the Illuminati theorists have come to the conclusion that every Black person who has hit their pinnacle of success has sworn their life to Illuminati.

Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Oprah, President Obama, Michael Jackson, and Tupac Shakur— along with almost every impactful and successful Black American have been associated with this monster.

Supposedly, the founder of this Illuminati organization is Russell Simmons.

Yes, the man who devotes most of his life to uplifting communities and who has engaged in an abundance of philanthropic and humanitarian efforts is somehow the founder of a satanic group. Nonsense!

Occasionally we’ll have artist such as Rick Ross and Jay-Z throw Illuminati connotations in their music and gestures, but let’s not be mistaken. Don’t think for one second that these artists don’t get laughs off of how absurd this whole thing is. Not to mention, the Illuminati hype certainly gives them some publicity.

For me, the big question is why are we allowing ourselves to be distracted by unproven and unreasonable theories? Why are we drawing conclusions that are mostly aimed at Blacks? The Illuminati theorist assumes that the only way in which a Black person can become successful is by conforming to something demonic.

This takes away from the credit accomplished Blacks deserve for their triumph and success.

It attempts to undermine not only their success, but the success of up-and-coming Blacks. It forces us to bring our credibility, our hard work, and our purpose all into question.

My question to the Illuminati theorist: “If the group exists, what is their purpose, and what evidence do you have that, that purpose is being fulfilled?”

Until this question is intelligently answered, I can only believe that the Illuminati theorist movement is just another attempt to obliterate the hard work of the Black community’s most influential, successful, and humane individuals.

The Illuminati conspiracy theorists are themselves part of a conspiracy; one in which they seek to destroy our children’s role models and discredit progress the Black community has made.

If you’re a Black aspiring entrepreneur, continue to follow in Russell Simmon’s footsteps to help guide your success.

If you’re a Black aspiring artist, continue to look up to Jay-Z and Kanye and learn from them the things that will make you great.

If you’re Black and aspiring to work wonders for your community, continue to study Barack Obama and implement his principles into your life.

The famed philosopher Isaac Newton said: If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Do not allow the Illuminati theorist to bring down your giants, for standing on their shoulders will make you GREATER!


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