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Taylor Swift and LL Cool J are going H.A.M. on these Grammy promo videos. 

VIDEO: Taylor Swift & LL Cool J Throw Shots At Each Other During Grammy Promo

Earlier this week, Taylor and LL were throwing shots at each other, and now the two superstars are going round-for-round beatboxing. 

LL kicks off a pretty basic beatbox and country pop starlet Taylor Swift joins in with her own hip-pop flare. Taylor and LL manage to keep the beat steady for a few seconds before busting out into a contagious laugh fest. 

VIDEO: Nicki Minaj & LL Cool J Show Each Other Love For The Grammys

It’s pretty cool to see two unlikely artists connect and come together, so make sure you check out Taylor and LL beatboxing in the video above!

Tune in to catch all the hottest music action at this year’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12 at 8 p.m. on CBS.