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Iggy Azalea has been doing her thing as the cover girl for over four magazines in just the last month alone, but all of them seemed to capture the Australian native in her comfortable essence. 

VIDEO: Iggy Azalea Gets Candid With Kimberly Cole During A Pants-Droppin’ Photo Shoot

Although they were gorgeous, the shoots almost always featured Iggy donning her high bleach blonde ponytail with bright colored lips, but Clash Magazine took an alternative route. 

The music mag captured the woman they deemed “a contradiction” stripped of her essentials for their October cover shoot. 

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The makeup was light, neutral and gave Iggy the real look of the high fashion model she set out to be while stripping away the celebrity additives. 

The photos provide an alternative look at Iggy, and let us know what the rapper would look like without eyebrows!

Check out the photo in the gallery above. 

Be sure to check out her full interview with Clash here.