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President Obama certainly loves his job, but if he had to choose someone to take the steering wheel Barack thinks his wifey would do a great job.

In a recent interview with WKYS-FM, President Obama said he believes Michelle Obama has the talent to be President, but there are some things stopping her.

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He told the host:

‘She’s an incredible person, an incredible talent but politics is not her thing. She definitely could be the president but she will never run for the presidency because she has too much sense.”

He described that her hopes for the future are in a much more different place than politics:

“Her focus is on her kids and the work that she’s doing around the country to help make sure kids are eating right and getting exercise.”

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He continued:

“She’s happy to support me. She thinks the work I’m doing is important but I can guarantee that [politics] is something she’s not gonna be doing.”

Even though she might not be interested in politics, we’d still love to have Michelle as the first female president.

SOURCE: The Blaze

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