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Tonight kicks off the final Presidential debate, and the FLOTUS and hopeful First Lady are lacing up their goodies in the best of their presidential wear, but one of these women is more likely than the other to have a bevy of designer digs to choose from. 

Here’s a hint: It isn’t Ann Romney

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Last week during Republican rounds in Florida, Ann Romney decided to slip on a forgiving wrap dress to accompany her husband on his campaign trail. Only problem, she slipped on a Diane Von Furstenberg dress. 


DVF is a known outspoken liberal Democrat, who has dressed Michelle Obama on numerous accounts and according to BuzzFeed Shift, she once told a group gathered at her store during Fashion’s Night Out: “Everyone here better be a Democrat; no Republicans!”

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Looks like Ann Romney missed that memo, and DVF’s people seem to be very underwhelmed that the Republican presidential candidate is wearing their designs. 

“We’re actually not quite sure how Ann obtained the dress,” a DVF spokesperson said to BuzzFeed Shift, declining to comment further.

Well then. This can either be a strategic plan on behalf of Romney’s wardrobe planners, or just an honest stylist mistake. 

One thing is for sure; Michelle Obama sure is giving Ann a run for her campaign clothes! 

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Image by Charles Dharapak / AP 

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