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Finally! A political PSA that’s freaking awesome and speaks to the ones who matter most this election: The Women. 

Sarah Sophie Flicker, filmmaker and HelloGiggles blogger, collected a group of ladies to lip-synch along to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.” The song was first performed by Lesley (who makes memorable cameos in the video) in 1964 when women were fighting for equal rights and equal pay. 

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Celebrities ranging from Lena Dunham to Tracee Ellis Ross and Sia lip-synch along to the lyrics that say:

“You don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way. You don’t own me, don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay.”

The moving Vimeo video has to be one of the most appealing call to actions for the election that we have seen for women.

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The PSA was posted online with the following message: 

Women, let’s rise up. Our vote alone can win this election. A vote for Obama is a vote for your health and your right to choose. It is a vote for equal pay and equal rights. A vote for Obama is a vote for our families. It is a vote to marry who you choose. It’s a vote to start a family when you choose. A vote for Obama says that we won’t stand for violence against women and that rape is rape. Our vote ensures that our daughters will grow up with the same rights that we’ve had. A vote for Obama sends a message: This war on women must end. We will not go backwards.

This election is shockingly close. Our safety is at stake. Our silence is consent and our vote is our voice. Let’s get active. Let’s get out every vote we can. Let’s make this election a mandate. A mandate to finally ensure women the respect, dignity and equality we all deserve! This is now. This is our call to action. Once and for all, let’s take back the power that is so inherently and naturally ours!

We can’t say enough how important the female vote is. This election is threatening to overturn Roe Vs. Wade and take away liberties we have fought to obtain. 

Be sure to head to the polls this November 6th and protect your body’s rights.