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It’s been well over a decade since Tyra Banks awed the masses with the Sports Illustrated cover featuring the fresh-faced model in a pink and red polka dot bikini. Now, a talk show and an abundance of career ventures later, Tyra is revisiting her modeling cover days for Cosmo South Africa. 

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With rumors of the revival of Tyra’s 2000 TV movie, Life Sized, on the horizon, Tyra graced the cover in a Herve Leger dress with a mirrored corset by The Blonds for an appropriately glittery holiday cover. 

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In the corresponding article, Tyra touched on her normal topics of being “flawsome” and having self worth: 

On societal pressures for body image:

“Loving yourself is paramount, no matter what shape, size or color you are. I call it being flawsome: you + your flaws + awesome = flawsome.”

On starting out in the modeling business:

“Don’t chase the money, chase the passion.”

Check out the gallery above for some of Tyra’s looks from the Udo Spreitzenbarth-shot cover. 

SOURCE: Cosmo South Africa