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Lance Armstrong is an American hero! 

He won 7 Tour de France titles and he did it the American way…By cheating.

Let’s not hang Lance out to dry just yet. Sure, he admitted to doping during his career after initially lying about it, but cheating is the American way. 

CONFESSIONS: Lance Armstrong Comes Clean To Oprah About Doping

This whole country was founded on some messed up laws and beliefs, and we are all grown enough to know that freedom is not free. What Lance Armstrong did was terrible. He cheated. But do we really believe he was the only one doping to get an edge? Hell no! He doped and probably got a level playing field. 

Lance is getting ready to rat out those who helped him dope. The New York Times reports that some of those people could be high ranking officials in the cycling world. 

He is planning to testify against several powerful people in the sport of cycling who knew about his doping and possibly facilitated it, said several people with knowledge of the situation.

Armstrong, 41, is planning to testify against officials from the International Cycling Union, the worldwide governing body of cycling, about their involvement with doping in cycling, but he will not testify against other riders, according to the people familiar with his plans.

There is a saying that goes, ‘no sin is greater than another,’ yet people are coming down on Lance Armstrong so hard like this isn’t the same man who inspired a world full of cancer patients to Live Strong! 

CNN reports on all the backlash Lance is getting:

“This guy is a loser and a liar!!” Melinda Morgan said. “He is not sorry for what he did, he is sorry that he got caught!!”

Someone else on my Twitter timeline called him a disgrace to humankind. I beg to differ. 

If no sin is greater than another, we are all just as guilty as Lance. We’ve all got a secret about how the cookie jar broke and we never told our mother. “It magically fell off the counter, Ma!” 

We’ve all checked the back of our textbook for the odd number answers. Most of us took a glance at a neighbor’s paper in school when we weren’t sure of the exact amount of apples Johnny had left over after walking 12 miles from Sally’s house. 

None of us are any better or any worse than Lance Armstrong. This man has inspired us all. I remember wishing he was around to inspire my grandmother through her battle with cancer. 

I remember countless stories and features on Lance that aired on SportsCenter. The man is linked to 14 charities, including the world famous Live Strong. I had a yellow bracelet, I’m sure most of us did.

Yes, Lance denied doping for years. He had numerous chances to come clean and he didn’t. 

So call him a douchebag! But that doesn’t negate that he did remarkable things, inspired people and gave them a blueprint on how to live strong with cancer. He probably was motivation to your mother, father, uncle, cousin, nephew, aunt or sister. Are we just going to forget all of that now?

I sure as hell won’t! The man won 7 Tour de France races with one nut, and we are really going to sit here and think he didn’t use performance-enhancing drugs? These allegations have following him around since 1995. We knew! We just didn’t want to know. 

I can’t think of any other words more perfect to close out my rant than those of Tucker Max, “I used to say it takes a lot of balls to publicly admit you cheated, but Lance Armstrong proved it only takes one.” 

Cut the guy some slack.

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