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Tyler, the Creator is the one doll that Barbie couldn’t bring home to mom. And after seeing this video we can understand why.

MUSIC: Tyler, The Creator “Slater” Feat. Frank Ocean 

The rapper just released the video for the Pharrell-assisted “IFHY,” which is the latest single off of his upcoming Wolf album.

In the video we see Tyler as a demented looking doll in a dollhouse trying to make it work with his doll girlfriend.

If you thought that was weird, things get stranger as the song transitions to another Wolf track, “Jamba.” Tyler ceases being a doll and the rapper just starts wildin’ out with his crew in the whip.

VIDEO: HE GOT JOKES! Tyler, The Creator Prank Calls Interviewer’s Friend 

The video is so…Odd. Give it a look. 

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