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Since Paris Jackson recently decided to build a relationship with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, rumors have been swirling that Rowe was trying to take her daughter away from the Jackson family.

But sources close to the family are confirming – Rowe is not about that life. She isn’t trying to seek guardianship over her daughter, because she doesn’t want to split up Michael Jackson’s three children. Currently, Michael’s mother (Katherine Jackson) and TJ Jackson have guardianship over Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris.

According to TMZ:

Debbie has spent a significant amount of time at Katherine [Jackson’s] house and “likes and respects” Katherine.  We’re told Debbie loves TJ, and worries he’s taken on so much — not only is he guardian to MJ’s 3 kids, he has a family of his own to care for.

As for Debbie’s relationship with Paris, we’re told it’s “intense.”  Paris calls Debbie “Mom” and the two interact as mother and daughter, with Debbie often correcting Paris and “laying down the law.”

We’re told as much as Debbie loves Paris and wants to be with her, she does not want to yank Paris out of the family house and away from her brothers, Prince and Blanket.  We’re told Debbie is especially worried about Blanket, who is vulnerable and feels abandoned after Michael’s death.  

Seems like Rowe knows how important it is to keep the kids together. But on the other hand, it’s being reported that Michael’s brothers and sisters (sans Janet) have been totally against Rowe and Paris’ relationship.

In other Paris news, the young woman recently attempted to commit suicide, was rushed to the hospital and is currently recovering. The drama never ends. 


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