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Kanye West took the stage last night to perform Power and Runaway with performances unlike any other on Saturday Night Live. 

Though he didn’t participate in any skits, the King Midas of Hip-Hop recreated the mini-vid for Power on a completely whited-out stage in his signature all red outfit laden with gold chains and Laurel crown. 

Kanye ripped the mic like an animal while leotard clad women gracefully pirouetted around him, creating a visual oxymoron that set the stage on fire.

For his next performance, Kanye showed up on stage minus his crown but upped the performance of the song Runway that he debuted on the MTV Awards.  He appeared doing a live mix on his MPC before coming in with his ode to the a$$holes. 

After his first verse and some stop and pose movements from his ballet dancers, Pusha T of The Clipse joined him on stage for a raw verse while Kanye went back to his MPC for some more live mixing.   

Kanye ended his performance with an melodic and creative auto-tuned outro and a bow from him and his dancers ending a performance that more than fulfilled our musical requirements for Saturday night. 

If you didn’t have the opportunity to witness his performances check out his videos on the next page and sound off about how you feel about Kanye’s performance!



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