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Since the late 1970s photographer Martha Cooper has been documenting graffiti and street art with a vengeance. Along with her buddy, photographer and documentarian Henry Chalfant, Martha has introduced the world to some of the genre’s biggest and brightest stars.

Cooper was so dedicated to graffiti and street culture, she quit her job at the New York Post to document the city, its art and artists full time. You cannot talk about NYC graffiti without mentioning Martha Cooper nor Chalfant: Their book “Subway Art,” was the granddaddy of NYC graffiti books. 

Last Friday, a massive group show of Cooper’s work, remixed by some of the artists she’s photographed over the years, PINK, Faust, Neck Face, Fumakaka and Lee Quinones to name a few, opened in L.A. at The Carmichael Gallery. Artists were asked to make new work from Cooper’s exisiting and iconic photographs and the results were stunning.

After the break, see some of our favorites. Above: Lady PINK X Martha Cooper


Neck Face X Martha Cooper


Faust X Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper.


Martha Cooper remixed by Lady Aiko.