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Yesterday someone contacted me saying that Usher’s ex wife Tameka Foster-Raymond went off on them via twitter. When I went to check her timeline I did not see any tweets attacking anyone. Earlier that morning I did notice that someone created an almost identical twitter page to Usher’s ex-wife. 

At the time I didn’t think anything about it, but when I saw the screen print of Tameka’s twitter page I knew it was totally false. I was with my homegirl at the time who is a veteran in the industry and she told me she wouldn’t be surprised if Grace or one of her staff made the fake twitter page to help Usher sell albums. 

Word has it that Grace is an industry jump off who is actually the motivation for Q-Tip’s Bonita Applebaum! #KanyeShrug. Grace has been pulling the strings for Usher’s new album which debuted at number 1 while being Usher’s lowest selling album to date.

I honestly doubt Tameka would say something like that, if you saw her on CNN she looked amazing, and it even made me wonder why Usher left her in the first place. Tameka has shown nothing but class since the divorce, she didn’t lash out after Papers and she has said on numerous occasions she wants Usher to win. Isn’t it time to stop creating fake pages of people and stop cursing people out pretending to be someone else. I’m just saying.

BlogXilla aka BlogXill O’Neil