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Normally when celebs are dishing out dollars on designer digs, they try to look like a million bucks after spending almost that much on their wardrobes.

Not Miley Cyrus, though.

In a new video from MTV Style, the ex-Disney star formally known as Hannah Montana took a break from twerking to gab about her personal style that’s been the center of everyone’s attention.

“It takes a lot of money to look this cheap,” Miley said, describing her look as a mix between white trash and Chanel. While she loves to rock her grills with jewelry that’s equally as flossy from the luxury label, she turns to “weird bondage stores” to outfit herself in scantily clad clothing.

Whether or not you’re feeling her look as of late, she defended her style on Fashion Police, saying that it successfully does one thing: “It makes people talk.” And if you were wondering when Miley got this sexy, she wants to talk to you about a little thing called puberty.

Head over to MTV Style to watch Miley talk about her personal style, and listen to her dish about her love of a good weave and favorite fashion moments above.