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In case you missed it at last night’s VMAs, Miley Cyrus was seriously bumping and grinding on Robin Thicke during their controversial performance. We couldn’t help but wonder how the “Blurred Lines” singer’s wife, the beautiful Paula Patton, felt after seeing her man in full action with the ex-Disney star.

Well the truth is, she’s not mad.

According to TMZ, Paula said that she was cool with Miley twerking on her hubby, while kissing his neck and grabbing his crotch at the same time. Sources say she knew the performance was going to be somewhat R-rated because there were a lot of rehearsals.

In addition to the raunchy performance, Paula is no stranger to seeing Robin in risque situations, as his recent video for “Blurred Lines” caused quite the stir.

We guess Paula is fully secure in their relationship. You can catch more of Robin on his new album, Blurred Lines, on a store shelf near you.