The man who defeated Muhammad Ali 40 years ago fought his final battle on Wednesday. Famed boxer and father to Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ken Norton Jr., Ken Norton Sr. passed away following a stroke at a Nevada medical facility. He was 70 years old. [CNN]

ESPN columnist Rick Reilly isn’t happy that his colleagues and many sports fans have stopped using the term “Washington Redskins.” So, he wrote an op-ed to voice his frustration. Except, it didn’t go over quite like he expected when he compared the urge to amend the name of a football team to forcibly relocating Native Americans to reservations. “Trust us. We know what’s best. We’ll take this away for your own good, and put up barriers that protect you from ever being harmed again. Kind of like a reservation.” Huh? [HuffPost]

So those University of Alabama sororities that wouldn’t let black women in their organizations have struck a deal with school administrators that would allow houses to offer bids to women who were not admitted during normal recruitment, which had previously been against the rules. So in short…they are letting some color into their lives. Oh. Thanks. Thanks a lot for this honor in 2013. [Gawker]

A Tennessee judge just ruled that a baby that another judge renamed Martin can be called the name his mother gave him, Messiah. Sound ridiculous? It was. Check out how the cute baby boy got his name back in these here Americas. [DailyMail]

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