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The death of Kendrick Johnson was a tragic one for his loved ones, but it looks like there is new evidence proving that he was not alone during that time.

In new video surveillance footage, other students are seen inside of the gym during the same time that Johnson walks in.

According to WCTV, the family is asking for a court order to show more evidence from the case. The site reports:

They’re hoping the U.S. Department of Justice opens a formal investigation into the case. We spoke with the attorneys and the Johnson family on Friday.

“There were four cameras inside that gym, one of which was aimed in the direction of the corner where Kendrick’s body was found,” King said.

“If you have a video surveillance that shows what happened to Kendrick Johnson, doesn’t the family at least deserve to see the truth,” Crump said.

“The only time we’ll be able to feel comfortable in some sort, when Kendrick get justice,” said Kenneth Johnson, father of Kendrick.

While the Georgia Bureau of Investigation ruled his death as a positional asphyxiation, this evidence might change that.

The family recently revealed other evidence to CNN that suggest Kendrick was fatally struck with a blow, like blood stains on the wall that weren’t investigated.

Stay tuned for more details.


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