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Not everybody deserves access to the internet — mainly people who take these selfies and those who post their crimes on social media.

Case in point: Jules Bahler, a 21-year-old suspected bank robber who was busted by the FBI after posting photos of himself on Facebook brandishing the weapons he allegedly used in the crime.


Bahler, or “King Romeo” as he calls himself, posted the photos of the submachine gun on March 5th, along with the caption “bought my first house And chopper today … lifes great.” That same day, according to the FBI, Bahler threatened staff at Chemical Bank branch in Bay City, Michigan with the assault-style weapon and fled with about $7,000.

But friends of “King Romeo” had the foresight to warn him about his ridiculous and incriminating pictures.

“U tripping brotha, a friend wrote on Bahler’s Facebook page. I wouldn’t show that sh– off like that cops be watching this sh– brotha.”

So much for common sense. Thanks to his selfies, authorities were able to match Bahler’s face to surveillance footage and link him to three robberies in Pontiac, Michigan.

According to the Daily Mail, Bahler is also accused of stealing $4,300 from Genisys Credit Union on February 26 and $4,000 from a Bank of America branch on March 4.

FBI officials and local sheriff’s deputies began staking out Bahler’s South Astor St, Pontiac, home – which he recently purchased – on March 7. 

After Bahler emerged and drove off, the investigators stopped him, and said they found the machine gun in a duffel bag in the car.

Officials also said he confessed to the robberies.

He has been charged with bank robbery and carrying a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, and is reportedly scheduled to face U.S. District Court in Detroit tomorrow.

Big shout out to Facebook for making it that much easier to catch criminals. Talk about a spin-off technology.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook