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Since audio of V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling discussing her Instagram activity leaked over the weekend, news of the 81-year-old Clippers owner’s blatant racism has turned the basketball world upside down.

V. Stiviano is getting flooded with hate messages on her Instagram page.

One person wrote, “Young wild and free? More like old, racist, slave owners. You enjoy wrinkled butt sacks for fame and money. Choke on an old cock.” Ouch. 

Another nasty person said the 38-year-old should be ashamed of herself for leaking the private conversations to the public, while yet another blames the half Mexican, half Black socialite for the scandal:

“Money motive, greed and selfishness is JUST AS LOW AS RACISM… I hope your new 100k+ ig followers and whatever money you are making out of this fills in that selfish hole in your soul.”

Regardless of what you think of V.’s motive, no one should be subjected to that type of hate. While we await the next news to come out regarding the Sterling scandal, it’s impossible not to take stock of the mixed race beauty.

Thanks to her much discussed Instagram, check out 23 pictures of V. Stiviano looking her beautiful best.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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