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Music festival season is already underway, but in case you didn’t hit up Coachella, you best be ready for what’s to come.

After all, you did spend a good portion (or the entirety) of your paycheck for a few life-changing days of listening to your favorite artists live, so it better be worth it.

Whether you plan on going to Governor’s Ball, Made In America, Lollapalooza, or even Burning Man, there’s some pretty standard protocol anyone attending should follow. Think of it as festival etiquette. Check out our do’s and don’ts for music festival season.


Do go out in style. It’s OK to show out in some of your best threads, but don’t get too crazy. Remember: it’s about the music, right? And you wanna be comfortable. 

Do prepare yourself for Outkast. There’s a good chance they’ll be performing during at least one of the music festivals you attend. 

Do lather up on the sunscreen. Seriously, your body will thank you. 

Do have a crew. Music festivals are best experienced when you’re with your people. 

Do bring snacks. With all the excitement and walking, food can sometimes seem unnecessary. Right up until the point you realize you’re gonna pass out unless you eat a granola bar. 

Do have a plan. Knowing set times and locations beforehand will save you a lot of pain and heartache. Especially if one of the crew gets lost. 


Do have your phone completely charged. While a lot of festivals have charging stations, the time spent charging your phone could have been spent catching another show. 


Don’t start an unnecessary mosh pit. You might get knocked out. For real. 

Don’t get shitfaced and sloppy. Your friends will most likely help you out, but you’ll still be ruining it for everyone. 

Don’t front like you know all the lyrics to a song. It’s just an embarrassing experience for everyone involved.

But don’t be that person who just stands there looking unamused and confused. 

Don’t put too much effort into your dance moves. This ain’t ABDC. 

And please don’t over-do it with the selfies and group shots. Part of the experience is actually living the experience. 

Now go forth and festival!

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