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Kristen Stewart is going after Demi Moore’s boyfriend Sean Friday, reveals Star. The magazine says Moore was “livid” when Stewart and Friday “hit if off” during a recent get-together and exchanged numbers “right under Demi’s nose.” For the inside dish on what’s now going on between Moore’s man and Stewart, log on to Gossip Cop

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are having a baby, reports an OK! cover story. The magazine says the actor’s fiancee is “three months pregnant” and showed a “little bump around her stomach” during a recent wedding dress fitting. For when the couple will officially announce the news, see what a Clooney confidante exclusively reveals to Gossip Cop.

Jada Pinkett Smith “banned” Kendall Jenner from her home after the reality star was “rude” to her housekeeper, reveals Star. The magazine says Jenner was particularly “arrogant” when Pinkett’s maid simply asked if she “wanted sweetener for her iced tea.” But for what really turned her off on Jenner, see what a Pinkett pal insider leaks to Gossip Cop.

Katie Holmes’ father Martin is now “choosing her dates,” reveals Star. The magazine notes her “very traditional and strict” dad recently has been “vetting” every single guy she goes out with. For how Holmes surprisingly feels about her “matchmaker” dad picking out men for her, click over to Gossip Cop.

Kate Middleton is “at war with the Queen,” reveals a Life & Style cover story. The magazine says the Duchess of Cambridge is “leaving the palace” after months of Queen Elizabeth’s “bullying about her parenting, overspending and wardrobe malfunctions.” For more dish on their royal feud, see what a Palace insider exclusively tells Gossip Cop.