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The premiere dates for ABC‘s fall lineup were finally announced, and now we know that the fourth season of Scandal will start September 25. So much happened last season that it’s good to remind ourselves of all the craziness, and now we can look ahead to what Shonda Rhimes and her brilliant writers have in store.

And, of course there are many spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished season three yet.

1. We get to see what happens to Fitz and Mellie after her big reveal.

Mellie finally told her husband about the time his father Big Jerry raped her and now that their son is dead at the hands of Rowan, it will be interesting to see how President Fitz takes control of the situation and starts his next term.

2. Huck and his family!

Quinn, in a weird attempt to stay on Huck’s good side, found his family and it backfired on her. The finale left Huck knocking at his family’s door. Right now they think he’s dead, but what will happen after they open the door? Knowing Scandal, there might even be a time jump, but of course, we want to see him back with his family, because “752.”

3. *Spoiler* Harrison is dead. 

If you were a fan of the most dedicated Gladiator, this may not be exciting news. After all the recent off-set drama surrounding Columbus Short, this was a no brainer, but Shonda Rhimes spoke with TV Guide about the new season and when they asked if Harrison’s fate was still up in the air, she responded:

 “It’s safe to assume that Harrison has met his end.”

4.  We don’t have to see Liv from behind lamps and desks anymore.

For most of last season, Kerry Washington was pregnant, and as her stomach grew, they awkwardly hid her baby bump behind big coats, desks, and large lamps.

Now that she’s given birth to her baby girl, Liv can go back to aggressively handling situations while standing (hopefully).

5. Mama Pope is in the hole.

After Mama Pope came back and wreaked havoc on all of D.C., she finally got caught in her tracks by her ex-husband Rowan/Eli. At first it was unclear where Maya ended up, but now that’s she in “the Hole,” it’s safe to say Eli Pope is about to run things.

Only two months to go, Gladiators.


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