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A database called ProPublica crunched the numbers to try and figure out the statistics of police shootings, and they have come to a pretty heavy conclusion. The system shows that black teens are 21 more times more likely to get shot and killed by police than white teens. According to them, black teens between the ages of 15 and 19 were killed at a rate of 31.17 per million, while white teens were killed at a rate of 1.47 per million. [Gawker]

New York Public Hospitals are currently testing their triage staff to see how well they identify and isolate those possibly exposed to ebola, as they are sending actors with mock symptoms to the emergency rooms. Sending the fake ebola patients out give hospitals a chance to “reinforce and test infection control procedures.” [Daily Mail]

A man served 15 years behind bars and was finally released, only to be shot by the man he snitched on prior to doing his time. The man was freed from Otisville State Prison this past Thursday, when he was offered a lift to a halfway home by someone in a white Hyundai. A mile later, a person hiding in the backseat/trunk space shot him twice, and then fled the scene. [Gothamist]

Actress Rose McGowan had to face a smoke bomb attack while dining at a bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan yesterday. The smoke bomb was thrown by a man hiding in the sidewalk grate. He hasn’t been caught, as, according to reports, he emerged from the grate to throw the bomb into the Bar Pitti restaurant, before going back under to hide and escape. Rose tweeted about the incident, revealing that her eyes were burning from the attack, although no injuries were reported. [Daily Mail]


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