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Remember when we told you not to dress up like this for Halloween because, well, reasons?

Seems like you didn’t listen. And the Ray Rice/Janay Palmer domestic violence incident is being perpetuated and mocked in an even more horrific way — and believe us, we didn’t think it could get any worse.

Blackface. Didn’t we deal with that too? Didn’t we decide not to paint our faces a darker hue because of the pain, humiliation, and degradation associated with minstrel acts? Didn’t we…just never mind. Clearly we didn’t get our point across, because shit like this is still happening.

And thanks to Olbermann sharing this foolery on his Twitter, others have come forward to expose the offenders they’ve seen on the internet.

Like this one:

And this little guy:

Or these two comedians:

And yes, more blackface:

Yeah, you guys are real class acts.

SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Instagram