Domestic violence charges against former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice were dismissed by a judge Thursday, marking the completion of the pretrial intervention program required after he was caught on video knocking his then-fiancée unconscious in a hotel elevator, the Baltimore Sun reports. Judge Michael A. Donio dismissed the charges that stemmed from the February 2014 […]

Remember when we told you not to dress up like this for Halloween because, well, reasons? Seems like you didn’t listen. And the Ray Rice/Janay Palmer domestic violence incident is being perpetuated and mocked in an even more horrific way — and believe us, we didn’t think it could get any worse. Blackface. Didn’t we […]

Hey, Halloween offenders. We forgot to tell you something. Through all the berating about blackface, other culturally insensitive costumes, the stupid Ebola hazmat suit, and all the costumes that suggest women can only dress up like sexy kittens, we can’t believe we forgot this super important offense. Please don’t dress up as an ex-Baltimore Raven who knocked […]

On Thursday, a law enforcement official confirmed the video of former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in an Atlantic City hotel elevator was sent to the National Football League (NFL) in April. Despite NFL claims that no one in the league saw the video until TMZ released it in early September, the video was sent […]

Ray Rice, the ex-Baltimore Ravens running back whose contract was terminated after it was revealed he punched his wife so hard he knocked her unconscious, plans to appeal his indefinite suspension from the NFL. If you recall, Rice was let go after TMZ released a video of the star player punching Janay Palmer (now Rice) in […]

So this happened. This week, a Sean Hannity radio show guest claimed that ex-Baltimore Raven Ray Rice is the bigger victim of domestic violence, despite video evidence showing him striking his wife so hard she falls unconscious, because, well, trolling. That’s the only way we can make sense of such a claim. But maybe A.J. Delgado, […]

The Baltimore Ravens may have terminated running back Ray Rice’s contract, but his fans’ devotion still remains. During the Pittsburgh Steelers versus Ravens game on Thursday night, fans came out in droves, supporting Rice by wearing his number 27 jersey to the stadium. That group of fans included women, who, despite watching Rice punch his then-fiancée Janay […]

The narrative on why the NFL didn’t pursue the Ray Rice domestic incident is changing everyday, including various claims that the disturbing video of the ex-Baltimore Raven beating his wife wasn’t available to league officials. Now, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is claiming that he didn’t look into the case as well as he should have out […]

Following claims from a law enforcement official that the NFL did receive video of ex-Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice assaulting his wife, the league has appointed a former FBI director to conduct an investigation. Robert S. Mueller III will be carrying out the investigation into how the league handled evidence in Rice’s domestic violence […]

UPDATE: 5:05 PM EST Despite NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell maintaining that the NFL did not see the video of Ray Rice physically assaulting his wife, a law enforcement official says he sent the video to an NFL executive three months ago. If you recall, league officials claimed they didn’t see the images until this week. The […]

Fellow abuser Floyd Mayweather Jr. had some interesting things to say about the decision to suspend Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice following the release of a video showing him physically assaulting his wife on an elevator. On Tuesday the infamous boxer told reporters that the NFL should have stuck to the controversial two-game suspension they […]