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Do you remember the first video that made you laugh on the internet?

Before Vine, Black Twitter, and Instagram videos, there were old grainy videos and news reports that had us in tears. From “David Goes to the Dentist” to the “Greatest Freak Out” and more, the internet has been providing us with laughs since its inception.

So in honor of Flashback Friday, here are 13 old videos that will have you ROFLMAO.

Over 10 million people really enjoy “doing hoodrat stuff with their friends.”

In 2009, one kid’s freak-out gave over 80 million people the laugh of their lives.

“My New Haircut” is better than Jagerbombs. This video was originally uploaded in 2007, and taken down Dec. 2011 at 31,797,979 hits.

Since the early 2000s, the Lonely Island have been killing it. From “Dick In A Box,” and “Jizz In My Pants” to “I Just Had Sex,” these guys are awesome.

Can you lend the n-word a pencil?

The “Daft Bodies” video dropped over 7 years ago, and it still makes us do it faster.

That one time 6 years ago when Scarlet took a tumble.

Have you ever had a dream like this one?

In 2010, somewhere deep down in the hearts of over 47 million people, they still love you.

Hide yo’ kids, hide your wife.

Over 120 million folks saw what happened after David went to the dentist.

Who knew that when dogs talk, it would be so funny?

A parent’s worst nightmare is when their daughter gives a play-by-play of their sex life. “Daddy screamed like a girl.”


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