1. Copter Cat: A Dutch artist stuffed his dead cat’s body and turned it into a remote-controlled helicopter. Yeah.

2. Rock Paper Scissor Hustlers.

3. The Salvage Supper.

4. All Pumpkin Everything.

5. Ever Been Consoled By Your Rottweiler?

6. Coldest Invention Yet.

7. Man Saves Drowning Bear In Florida.

8. Short Sleeves On An Ice-Covered Mountain.

9. Who Needs A Laptop Case When You Have Space In The Ass Part Of Your Pants?

10. $ign Language.

11. Does It Get Anymore Caucasian Than This?

12. Three Boobs Are Indeed Better Than Two.

13. A Cheeseburger Bed Definitely Beats Out Any Sealy Mattress.

14. The Cuddlr App…Where Strangers Can Meet Up…Just To Cuddle.

15. All Those Open Subway Seats & She Decides To Sit On The Floor.

16. The Suitsy…A Business Suit Onesie.

17. Because This Is Where You Want To Eat Dinner.

18. ‘Merica.

19. What Did You Do Today? Doctor: “Oh Nothing, Just Performed Major Surgery On A Gold Fish.”

20. Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

21. What Else Are Police Officers Good For?

22. Caucasity Of Epic Proportions.

23. Sunbathing At A Dodgers Game In A Speedo Is The Best Idea Ever.

24. Nutsack.

25. What Appears To Be The Modern Day Durag Model.

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