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Dude. It’s your birthday.

And to honor you for blessing this world with your presence for the past 29 years, we decided to reflect on all the good you’ve done in the short time you’ve been alive.

Seriously. We love you Michael B. Jordan. And it’s not because you look this good without a shirt:

OK. Maybe it’s because you look that good without a shirt. But in all seriousness, you’ve become an extraordinary young man. Check it out…

This kid [RIP Wallace]:

Turned into this man [hello sexual awakening]:

Whose mere smile:

And arms:

Are making this world a better place:

That infectious goofiness: 

And that one little dimple:

 Could probably move mountains [and legs for that matter]:

He’s a perfect role model:

Yes, MBJ…yes, you are…

You’re teaching us the importance of an active lifestyle: 

And you love the kids [be still, my ovaries]:

And who doesn’t like a funny guy:

But you’re also a serious guy. Here you are, pensive:

Here you are, sweating because you’re probably in really deep thought thinking about life [and hopefully, us together forever and ever]:

 Here you are, stressed, because you’re human just like us [If Sarah Ramos wants to live, she’ll back TF up]:

And here you are, eating ice cream and making us all feel better about eating our feelings [if only we were that spoon]:

So we thank you, Michael B. Jordan. We thank you for being an amazing actor, a positive force in Hollywood, and for being our imaginary bae:

And for wearing a towel and nothing else in that one scene:

Happy Birthday MBJ, from the ladies of GlobalGrind.

PHOTO SOURCE: Getty, Giphy, Instagram

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