1. Michael was looking mighty fine at the National Board of Review, where he was honored.

2. Thank God for Ellen. This hottie with a body flaunts the drawers he got from The Ellen Show.

3. Lord, is he fine!

4. Cooking for bae.

5. Because everybody loves a little tongue out during “#ShamelessSelfies”…When it’s you.

michael b jordan instagram

6. Off Guards or Nah? Looking fine as he announces his 2013 GQ Man of the Year Award.

7. Michael B. Jordan and Oprah. Two beautiful people, two beautiful smiles.

8. Posted at the Dubai Film Festival with his homies.

9. Throwback Thursday never looked so good.

10. Too much sexy in one lens. Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron chillin’.

11. Even the monkeys on the Today Show go bananas for Michael.

12. Successful sexy chocolate, what a great combo. Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o looking posh posing for the paparazzi.

13. It’s lookin’ good on the West Side.

14. Then and now. Ball is Life.

15. We should probably cuddle now.

16. Chilling with the homies. Selfie time!

17. He woke up like that.

18. Fresh cut for the ladies.

19. He makes it look so easy.

20. I guess we can say “he gets it from his mama.”

21. Up close and personal with those succulent seductive lips.

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