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All-Star Weekend is over and New Yorkers are finally able to get back to regular life. All the ballers are gone and we’re just left with the Knicks. The Garden is back to being Brick City, and the Barclays is the place that has dope concerts. So here’s a quick recap of ASW through the eyes of a New Yorker.

While we’re sad that Amber Rose has left town

And grateful to experience some pre All-Star events while sipping on Hennessy Privilege drinks at MSG (that East Coast Spice was our favorite)…

We’re happy to get back to regular New York, even if this weekend made us realize some hard truths after too many days of turning up.

We’re glad to have our regular neighbors back, and not those “guests.” Even though that AirBnB come-up was the wave.

Wait, Fashion Week is still here, so it’s not all back to normal.

We have things to be happy about, however, the FOMO is almost gone, and we can all stay inside because it’s freezing out.

All-Star isn’t that cool when one of those events redirected your route home.

And it just hit us. All those pop up shops are gone, and we’re not getting paid until this Friday.

But you get to call all those hotties you met over the weekend.

Despite all the complaining and inconveniences, this is the only proper way to react when someone asks you, “Was All-Star Weekend in New York lit?”

And despite it all, we’re kinda sad it’s over.

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