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It appears not even a love child can keep these two apart.

Last night, Christina Milian hosted an event at Playhouse nightclub and Karrueche arrived in an SUV to support her BFF.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown pulled up in a sick Lamborghini. When it was time to call it a night, Chris ditched the Lambo and hopped into the SUV with his ex. Karrueche’s friends weren’t too happy about this, and one even asked Chris to stay out of the SUV. Chris responded by ordering her to the back seat. Watch here and below.

Now, what appeared to be an attempted reunion between the two is starting to look like the furthest thing from it. Before the drama inside the SUV, Chris followed Karrueche into Playhouse and sat at a VIP table next to hers. As a result, a pissed Karrueche left and Chris followed, again.

After leaving in the same SUV, Karrueche dropped Chris and his friends off, only for him to reappear on her doorstep at 3:30 a.m. Karrueche fled to Norm’s Diner, where Chris later showed up, and a shouting match ensued between the two, prompting the police to arrive at Karrueche’s home.

Once Karrueche learned on TMZ that Chris Brown had fathered a daughter with another woman, she called it quits on their relationship.

Meanwhile, it was just a week ago when Chris wrote a long and lamenting caption about his love life on Instagram:

We hope these two can amicably settle their differences very soon.


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