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1. Ready To Have A Baby, Not Ready For Marriage

Chris Brown karrueche Autumn Leaves video

Chris admitted he’s ready to have a child, but isn’t ready to get married. He prefers to have two children, and if he could’ve had it his way, he would’ve had one kid with Rihanna and one kid with Karrueche.

2. Relationship With Drake

Despite appearing in the studio together a few months back, Chris revealed he’s not friends with the “corny singer/rapper” Drake.

3. Community Service

Chris Brown works on Andy Warhol Collaboration Piece With Karen Bystedt

Chris revealed he’s done more than 3,500 hours of community service, which included being a maintenance man at a youth detention center.

4. Tour Documentary

Chris is currently shooting a new documentary that’s centered around his new “Between The Sheets Tour” with Trey Songz and Tyga.

5. Chris & Jay Z Are Cordial

Despite rumors that Jay Z blackballed Chris Brown after the Rihanna domestic violence incident, Chris Brown maintains the two men are cordial with each other and to his knowledge, Jay Z had no hand in industry shade.

6. Calls Pharrell When He Needs Advice

Whenever he needs direction or advice, Chris says he calls up Pharrell:
“You know one person that I can honestly say I look up to…as far as character, poise, and just a good sense of themselves…is Pharrell. He’s one of my inspirations. Just a stand up dude. He’s so respectful. He understands the game.”

7. His Love For Karrueche Tran

After their last public breakup, Chris and Karrueche have both agreed to leave their relationship drama off social media.

8. Relationship With Rihanna

Chris reveals he didn’t wish Rihanna a happy birthday this year, because too much communication between the two star-crossed lovers is confusing for them.
Chris on Rihanna:
“We’re cordial. I respect her space, she respects mine. Too much talking and it starts to become ‘hey what you doing? You wanna hang out?’ and too much back and forth…it just complicates things.”

9. Friendship With Tyga

Chris met Tyga years ago, but their friendship reached new heights when Tyga flew out to Virginia to spend time with Chris during his initial probationary period six years ago.

10. Competition Between Artists

When asked why celebrities are frenemies, i.e. him and Drake, Chris revealed the pressure to be number one at all times sometimes prevents real friendships from being developed between artists and their peers.

11. Justin Bieber’s Media Redemption

justin bieber ellen

When asked about the media supporting and forgiving Justin Bieber for being a bad boy, Chris Brown attributes the pop star’s skin color for being the reason he’s easily forgiven.

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