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An Alabama man died in police custody after being pepper sprayed on Friday.

According to Daily Mail:

Anthony Dewayne Ware, 35, was pepper sprayed by Tuscaloosa police after resisting arrest, officers said. He was not shot or tased during the incident.

On Friday evening, police received a phone call saying that Ware was at Crescent East Apartments with a loaded gun. Prior to his death, Ware was wanted for escaping the police. Officials arrived at the scene and Ware immediately fled to a nearby wooded area, where he was captured. Reports insist Ware resisted arrest.

The site continues:

Police used pepper spray in an effort to subdue him, before he was handcuffed. While officers and Ware were walking out of the woods, Ware collapsed.

Officers called for medical help and performed CPR as well, but Ware was later pronounced dead. He was found without a weapon.

Alabama police are currently investigating the body camera footage and none of the six officers involved have been put on leave or suspension.


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