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In the latest Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta drama, Stevie J recently stood in court to tell a judge that his ex-girl and possible baby’s mother Joseline Hernandez‘s life is pretty much one giant lie. While it did help us expose some truths about the mercurial reality star, it was not enough to convince a judge to grant him a restraining order against her, which is what he went to court seeking.

Stevie came out to confirm several claims that up to this point have been nothing more than whispers. In the court documents, Stevie pointed out that Hernandez’s real name is actually Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt, that she’s 39-years-old, not 29 as she claims, and — gasp! — isn’t even from Puerto Rico. He added that she may still be married to someone else, and also said that the Hernandez’s, or should we say Bettencourt’s, unborn baby is most likely not his either.

TMZ caught up with Hernandez on the street to discuss the recent drama.

Stevie was also approached by reporters after the trial to talk about not being granted the restraining order saying, “I just wanted her to refrain from talking about my daughter, my family.” Of course, it’s hard to blame him considering the heinous rumors Joseline has been spreading about him.

Unfortunately, for Stevie it looks like he will have to deal with Hernandez one-on-one, without the help of the court system, for now.

Now that Stevie knows he’s not going to get a restraining order, and Joseline knows that he is looking for any reason to take her back to court, the drama might cool down. But we doubt it.