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Doctor Strange his theaters tomorrow, but if you’re lucky, you may be able to catch an early screening tonight – and you should; this is one of the most visually stimulating movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet.

If you haven’t already, check out this week’s Extra Butter for a sneak peek at how director Scott Derrickson pulled off some of the special effects. The movie has a lot of hip-hop elements in it as well, as Dr. Strange mentions some of the biggest names in the game while trying to make his manservant Wong laugh. He’s even up on Gucci Mane – believe it or not.

So it makes perfect sense for Doctor Strange to be the featured presentation for the #XillaMovieParty in New York City. The theater was filled with folks like Love and Hip Hop’s BBOD, Luke Cage‘s Jermel Howard, The Get Down’s Eric D. Hill, as well as Chasing Destiny’s Alyxx Dionne.

All of the guests were treated to an early showing of Doctor Strange and then headed over to Cantina Rooftop for a Strange-themed karaoke night in which participants didn’t know which song they were going to sing, but they had to open their minds to be in the moment as Q Shepard spun some hits.

There was also a Hennessy-infused Doctor Strange-styled cake from Brooklyn Con Amore on hand as guests sipped Hennessy cocktails provided by #TeamHennessy. It was lit.

Take a look at some of the photos from the event.

Doctor Strange cake made by Con Amore.’s Mr Mecc, host Cory Townes, and XXL’s Manny.

Rapper Mickey Factz

Money Moe and Sexy Lexxy from BBOD and VH1’s Love and Hip Hop.

Netflix’s Luke Cage actor Jermel Howard.

Stuff Fly People Like‘s Rae Holiday and Beanz.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pete Monsanto/FlyLifeImages

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