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Just days after MITC Posh released its latest collection in celebration of Black History Month, a hate video, seemingly in response to the new line, has gone viral. The horrific footage, titled “N*gger History Month” and set to music, is reportedly the work of an undisclosed individual who claims to be an Old Dominion University student.

Those familiar with MITC Posh are aware the label’s creative director is an ODU second-degree bachelor’s student, and he and his brand are heavily supported by the campus.

The video begins “Fuck you n*gger bitches. All you wanna do is collect welfare and get on Section 8 and have babies and just sit around — fuckin’ n*ggers.” The supposed ODU student goes on to cheer for “White power” and more.

Watch the graphic video below, if you can stomach it, and tweet us your thoughts. Also, see the collection that has everyone talking in the photos above.

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