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National Portrait Gallery

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It seems like once a week The Obamas re-enter the limelight, giving us a break from nasty politics that occupy the White House. It only took one little girl for Michelle Obama to reappear, breaking the Internet once again.

Let’s refresh.

Last week, two-year-old Parker Curry visited the National Portrait Gallery to get a look at Michelle Obama’s now famous Amy Sherald  portrait.

Heart-melting right? Well the picture has since gone viral, and how could it not? Add in the fact that this little Black girl is looking at a life-size portrait of a Black woman from the White House, and you’ve got a tear-jerking photo waiting to happen.


Eventually, Michelle peeped the viral photo and decided she wanted to meet Parker. So, of course, she invited her over for a dance party to Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off.”

While we’re extremely happy that Parker got to meet an icon, I couldn’t help but wonder if every glimpse at a Michelle Obama painting caused her to magically appear.


Or what if a snap with the painting resulted in an automatic invite to Michelle’s end-of-year bash (if she has such a thing)?

All you’d have to do is stare at the portrait…



…then have some random person take a well framed shot…


…and then we’ll be partying with Michelle!



Too much hopeful wishing? Clearly, Parker has started something.

How can we sign up!?




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