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It’s the year 2020, which means the early 2000s is now considered “back in the day” to us. The 2000s was filled with a plethora of acts from rapper-singer duos to hip hop quartets. But nothing reigned more supreme during that time than girl groups.

From Destiny’s Child to 3LW, women coming together to entertain the masses is a thing that will never get old. Which is why seeing groups like SWV and Nina Sky set to perform on the Lovers & Friends tour is kind of a huge deal.

But what ever happened to The Girl Group? Last one that really took off was Fifth Harmony — and we see how that ended.

“Over the past 20 years, girl power has subsided in favor of a more individualistic pop feminism. The posse has lost its power, and the female executive has risen in its place. In 2018, listeners seem to flock more readily to women who are like goddesses, who sell millions of albums all on their own, than to groups of women banding together in solidarity. By watching girls interact with each other while performing hit songs, female millennials could learn to model their own friendships and forge their own personalities in relation to one another. – The Fader

Maybe it’s time for a resurgence of girl power in group form! If you could go back into time, to that special era when girl groups were the superheroes of the world — which group would you be apart of?

In fact, take the quiz below and we’ll be happy to show you.