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One 30-year-old’s parents aren’t playing with him.

In Syracuse, New York, Michael Rotondo’s mom and dad are suing him because he refuses to move out of their house.

According to WABC-TV, they even gave Michael several notices to leave.

I imagine this involved some kind of “you’ve been evicted” sign on his bedroom door.



Michael says that legally, he wasn’t given enough notice time to leave.

But his parents are arguing that he doesn’t contribute to family expenses or help out with chores, so it’s time to get the boot!


Dang, you can’t help out with the chores Michael?


The parents say they’ve even offered to help him get settled on his own, but he’s still not making moves.

The dysfunctional family is scheduled to settle the dispute in court later this month — almost seven weeks before Michael’s 31st birthday.

He is calling for the court to throw out his parents’ request, calling it a “retaliatory” move.

Talk about family drama.


Well, if it means anything…Happy Future Birthday Michael!