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Picture it…

You finally have a day off to relax.

The skies are clear and the day has just started, so you decide to go to a nice spot outside.

But what do you do?

Do you sleep?

Do you reflect about your life?

Or how about something better…

You pull out your freshly bought copy of “Sleeping With My Husband’s Side B*tch.”

Not your cup of tea? Then surely “Pregnant By My Husband’s Grandaddy” will get you hooked.

Or maybe the “Juicy Coochie Chronicles.”

Then finish off the evening with “This H*e Got Roaches In Her Crib.”

In case you’re wondering if these are real books…

Yes they are.

Author Quan Millz is dropping literary masterpieces centered around scandalous tales and over-the-top drama. His publishing house, 5StarLit, tells stories that “range from everyday, regular people to high-level gold diggers, hustlers, players, thieves, dancers, scammers, and white-collar people.”

Characters deal with everything from “cheating partners and scandalous side chicks to high-collar corporate deception and politicians whose connections reach deeply into the city’s underworld.”

Are you a fan yet?

Maybe Quan’s upcoming releases will have you pulling out your coins…

Come on…let’s be real…

With books like “Once The Side B*tch, Now I’m The Main B*tch,” you’ll be dying to know how one can go from side-chickatry to numero uno in a dude’s life.

“5StarLit stories are originally devised, designed, and sculpted for our audience. You will not find our stories re-hashed under another name or brand, because we literally write with our audience in mind,” the publishing site says.

We won’t find these stories re-hashed nowhere?


If you peep their other scandalous books, you might start to believe them.

Swipe through for more shocking (and just plain hilarious) titles from the visionary Quan Millz and 5StarLit!

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