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J. Lee, Michael Ealy, Bresha Webb, and more star alongside one another in the upcoming film, aTypical Wednesday. Produced by Jacquin Deleon and Lee, who also directs, the dark comedy aims to highlight the importance of mental health awareness in the Black community.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

“The flick follows Gabe (Lee), a seemingly put-together, successful Black man in his 30s who has just discovered therapy. He sees his therapist (Ealy) every Wednesday to try to unpack his deep-rooted mommy and daddy issues, his estrangement from his perfect match (Raver-Lampam), and how to deal with his erratic ex (Webb). But one day he meets a 9-year-old kid named Alec (Friedman) who also sees a psychologist in the same building. Alec convinces Gabe that his mom forgot him at the office and they go on a winding misadventure that will help Gabe find his truth, help Alec find his worth, and help us laugh uncontrollably while examining our own preconceived notions about race, mental health, and life.”

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In a statement, Deleon speaks out about the importance of therapy.

“It’s okay to go through therapy, it’s okay to address trauma,” Deleon insists, adding “Despite any triumphs Black men have achieved, any misunderstanding can lead to incarceration or worse. It is frustrating to think about. A lot of us want the American dream, but no matter what we do, we have this lens pointed at us. Therapy is an outlet we all need. It is extremely important.”

Check out the official trailer for aTypical Wednesday up top. The film is set for virtual release tomorrow, June 26, and the pre-sale is already available here, on Apple iTunes.

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