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Lori Harvey has had the nation’s attention for at least a couple of years now, especially as women continue to put their foot down in regards to slut-shaming.

Playing the game better than any man ever could (allegedly), Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s daughter seemed to have the attention of every famous man out there. Meek Mill name-dropped her in his song “Going Bad,” Future was all in his feelings over her time with Trey Songz, and did Lori date Justin Combs then son him? No one knows for sure, but the rumor mill was going off and Lori was the center of it all — minding her business, dating whom she pleased, soaking up the thirst, and answering to absolutely no one.

After stirring the pot a bit, she settled down with Future, sending the internet into a frenzy yet again. If you missed that viral moment, tune in HERE.


Welp, after several months of dating, it seems the two may have gone their separate ways. Previously giddy to share pics of his beautiful girl, Future has deleted all mention of Lori on his Instagram and they’ve also unfollowed each other, according to

Is Lori single again? We’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now… her sexiest and most beautiful pandemic pics.