Lil Uzi Vert for GQ Hype

Source: Charlie Engman / GQ

After releasing their third studio album Pink Tape (which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart with 167,000 sales in its first week) a little over a month ago, Lil Uzi Vert sat down for an exclusive interview with GQ Hype. The 28 year-old Philadelphia native spoke to senior entertainment editor Frazier Tharpe on various topics including their last minute collaboration with Nicki Minaj on the album, their relationship with JT of the City Girls and more.

Although there are 26 songs to choose from on Pink Tape, Uzi easily identified their collaboration with Nicki Minaj ‘Endless Fashion’ as their favorite on the album. Uzi shared how the link came about.

“Nicki hit me up like, ‘How you going to drop an album called Pink Tape and you know pink is my thing?’” Uzi told GQ.

Ironically enough, this was one day before the album’s release. While other rappers might’ve promised to make up for it down the line, Uzi chose to do so at the last minute, putting the entire track together in the eleventh hour.

“I was like, Oh, no. You right. I’m going to send this over right now. And I sent it to her right there.”

It’s safe to say that Uzi and Nicki are locked in. Someone else Uzi has been locked in with for quite some time is their girlfriend JT, one half of the duo City Girls. They spoke on the dynamics on their relationship with the 30 year old Miami native.

“We don’t even talk about music, unless we’re dropping a song or something,” Uzi says of their love life. “I support her, she supports me. We don’t talk about music. Never.”

Lil Uzi Vert for GQ Hype

Source: Charlie Engman / GQ

Despite working with pretty much any A-list rapper you can think of from Travis Scott to Pusha T to Future (and the aforementioned Nicki Minaj and JT), Uzi’s individual nature and creative choices have earned them a reputation of being a hip-hop loner, which they wanted to correct.

“I’m not really the outcast, even though I take on the outcast aesthetic,” Uzi says, before explaining that the social order of the rap game is basically high school. “You got the cool kids and the jocks. Then you got the nerds, then you got the kids with behavior problems. But I’m more of the class clown. Some days people will really like me and then some days I get on they nerves.”

Uzi continued to speak on this and so much more in the interview. You can read the full story “Lil Uzi Vert Is Ready to Cook” by Frazier Tharpe on